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Provide the full name of the school system your school or organization is in or serves.
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Tell us what subject(s) and age group(s) you are teaching now (Spring 2017) and what you will likely be teaching in Fall 2017.

Alternative Summertime Contact Info

Because SAIL workshops are offered during Summer months, we may need to contact you away from school for last-minute arrival and other information. Please provide alternative contact information.

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(We do not sell or share this info with others. It is strictly for quick last-minute instructions or contact during school visit planning.)
Please use the space below to tell us about any previous experience teaching the arts; either as stand-alone arts classes or as lessons that integrate arts components.
Please list title, date and/or description of any previous arts or arts-integration workshops you have attended.
Please use the space below to tell us why you are interested in attending Creating Value or Making Value Visible, and what you expect to gain from it.
Name 5 things you enjoy and/or believe you do well. These could be anything, even not related to your teaching such as listening, cooking, sewing, running, etc.
Please tell us if you have any special dietary or or physical needs. We will do our best to accommodate all special requests.


Costs include workshops, hotel, and parking!

Creating Value, Making Value Visible, Tech Track, Valuing Arts Leadership
$450 for early bird/$550 after April 30 (double occupancy, 2.5 days)
$600 for early bird/$700 after April 30 (single occupancy, 2.5 days)
$250 for early bird/$300 after April 30 (commuter, no hotel, no breakfast, no parking, 2.5 days)

Connecting Value
$650 for early bird/$750 after April 30 (double occupancy, 5 days)
$1000 for early bird/$1100 after April 30 (single occupancy, 5 days)
$475 for early bird/$575 after April 30 (commuter, no hotel, no breakfast, no parking, 5 days)


Save up to $25 per participant! 

Your school can save up to $100 for every 4 participants, but you must register in increments of 4, 8, 12, etc.

If you are one of 4 registering from the same school, please tell us the names of the other participants attending.

Yay, Yippee, and Hurrah!



Registration for SAIL requires a commitment to the entire program. Please indicate here that you are prepared to attend each phase of the program: Initial workshop, webinars, follow up workshop, classroom visits, or other documentation as required by the workshop program.

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Write a note with any special considerations or questions you may have. We love to hear from you!
Please enter the contact name and address where we should mail (via U.S. Postal Service) the invoice to request payment for your registration. You may add a note to us here if necessary.

AAAE Refund Policy

In the unfortunate event that you must cancel your registration, refunds may or not be available depending on timing:

Before May 1 - All but $100
Between May 2 and May 31 - All but $200
June 1 or later - No refunds

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